It was a shocking and heartbreaking! second-to-last (sob!) episode of The Glee Project. Dianna Agron (Quinn) must be holding up a cue card in front of our faces that says “Depressed,” since that’s how we feel about losing two more awesome contenders. We might just have to get out our frustration by pushing people into hay bales.

However, there was also all kinds of dreaminess this week, as we saw Michael and Blake in sunglasses sans shirts, and we also met writer Matthew Hodgson, who’s reportedly dating Naya Rivera (Santana). Long story short: We approve, Naya!

At the start of the episode, “Actability,” the contestants learn that their homework assignment is “Addicted to Love.” They also learn that there is a song in existence that’s called “Addicted to Love,” since no one except Michael has even heard of it. Should be promising, right?

The assignment actually goes really well, even with the added twist of guest mentor Dianna Agron — who apparently makes Blake lose the ability to form words — holding up cue cards with adjectives on them, which the contestants will have to convey will singing. (Speaking of which, we all know that famous saying: “Cue cards are Lindsay Lohan’s best friend.”)

Dianna is her typically bubbly self and has great things to say about everyone — except for Lily, whom she thinks is not over-the-top enough in her acting (which is certainly the first time Lily has ever gotten that note). Dianna loves Ali’s excitability, but the homework crown goes to Michael for the first time. He finally achieved his life’s dream: He beat Blake!

This week’s video is an unusual one, but one that we find to be really cool. The contestants are given character types and will have to improv a movie trailer, with “Perfect” in the background. For example, Aylin’s character will be knocked-up after engaging in a love triangle, which we assume Aylin’s mom will be oh-so happy about.

Everyone seems to be struggling in the recording studio with Nikki, to which we say: That’s why they shouldn’t have cut Shanna! (Oh, well — what’s done is done.) Even Blake is having pitch issues, and Blake is usually as flawless as the Hope Diamond. Meanwhile, Lily is singing well but breaks down when thinking about external beauty. 

It’s time for the video shoot — which involves Michael and Aylin riding a Ferris wheel together. Uh, why is it that teenagers in movies always seem to adore Ferris wheels, while real-life teenagers couldn’t care less about them? And why does Michael’s character choose to eat popcorn on the Ferris wheel? There must be a more appropriate Ferris wheel snack than easy-to-drop popcorn.

Ali and Lily share a scene together, and all Lily has to do is use the word “perfect,” but instead she has a 15-minute long fake cry before then using every single word in the English language except for “perfect.” Robert can’t help but notice that Lily somehow has made the scene entirely about her.

As the winner of the homework assignment, Michael gets a one-one-one with Dianna, and our favorite part of his session? Michael is diligently taking notes throughout the whole thing! Seriously — how cute is he? Not many guys would be staring at a notepad during their time with a foxy starlet. And speaking of Michael, who knew that he would look so good in a cowboy hat?

Michael and Blake have a fight scene which mainly leads to the destruction of a whole bunch of hay bales. Both Blake and Michael do a great job with all their yelling, but it was hard for us to concentrate, since we were still thinking about how terrible Blake’s hair looked with the side part in his scene with Aylin. Why would they do that to such beautiful hair? Seriously — we want to know why, and we want to know now. (Someone needs to be held accountable for this.)

We’ve known that Aylin has an amazing voice, but we were downright impressed by her acting this week. Honestly, we got chills when she walked to Michael’s car in tears, especially since we knew that wearing the Muslim head scarf had brought up actual tears for Aylin. 

But the episode had yet to run out of twists, as Robert informed the contestants that every one of them would be performing a last-chance performance for Ryan and for six other Glee writers. Looks like none of the contestants are getting the week off! 

Michael is up first, sporting a very crooner-esque vest and loosened tie to sing the Finn version of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” We thought this was maybe a bit too slooow of a song for Michael, but the judges seem pleased with him. Writer Ross Maxwell calls Michael a natural, and Ryan says that the girls will love him. Yes, they will — and already do.

Lily performs “Son of a Preacher Man,” but Ian finds it cloying and worries that she’d be hard to direct. Nikki agrees that she has trouble taking suggestions. Ali belts out “Here’s To Us,” and Ryan wasn’t impressed with her acting in the video. However, Ian says she seems like she could play a total bitch, and we think that’s supposed to be a compliment. We think.

Blake wows everyone as usual with “I’m Still Standing,” and Matthew says he’s a “star.” Ali Adler doesn’t see Blake as having enough of a “wound,” but we think that’s kinda like complaining about a smooth airplane ride because it doesn’t give you a cool story to tell afterward. And Aylin does a knockout job with “Fighter” (see what we did there — “knockout”?), with everyone agreeing that her storyline would give them something new to write. 

And now it’s judgment time. Deep breaths, everyone. Ryan points out that the cuts this year are tougher than last year’s, and he also wonders if it’s time to cut more than one person. Sure enough, the callbacks are revealed, and both Lily and Michael are sent packing. Gah! And sure, we knew that we would have to say goodbye to a number of people soon enough, but it still felt like a pretty tough blow to lose two memorable performers at once. We’re not pleased.

Lily has a ton of talent, and Michael was a total cutie-pie, but we’re not exactly devastated that those two were sent home. But it’s now tough to figure out who has the best chance to win. Last week, our rankings were 1.) Ali, 2.) Blake, and 3.) Michael — so we got two of the top three! Not too shabby, right? (Translation: Throw us a bone here, people! The prognostication game ain’t easy.)

So the million-dollar seven-episode question is: Who’s gonna win it all? For starters, we’re skeptical as to whether Ryan will hold himself to only one winner. Seriously — how can he choose just one performer, given that they each bring something so unique to the show? And we know that Aylin may be the judges’ favorite contestant at the moment, but we’re going to go ahead and predict Blake as next week’s winner. You heard it here, folks: Blake for the win!

So we shall see if Blake and his non-parted hair will prevail. And no, we cannot freakin’ wait for next week’s episode! In the meantime, if anyone needs us, we’ll be on the Ferris wheel. Pass the popcorn.

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