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Scott Campbell, we hardly knew ye! It was a surprising episode of The Glee Project this week, with Charlie and Aylin hooking up (a lot!); Jane Lynch offering awesome advice; and Charlie revealing that he’s never heard the song “It’s Not Unusual” (huh?!). And a quick note to the show’s producers: Can you come up with a way to get Blake and Michael into swimsuits every week? Once just isn’t enough!

This week’s episode, “Fearlessness” (no title that ends in “-ity” this week?), opens with the news that this week’s song is the not-exactly-iconic early-’90s rap tune “Now That We Found Love.” And in the minds of the contestants, singing this song apparently meant that a lot of people should get spanked during the performance. We’re still not sure why this is.

Onhand to judge this week was none other than the mighty Jane Lynch (Sue), who may have offered the most interesting feedback ever from a guest mentor. She began by hilariously claiming to be all hopped up on caffeine, and then she encouraged Nellie  who forgot her words  and Michael to step out of their shells more. She had high praise for Aylin and Lily, giving the crown to Lily. If there’s one person who does not have issues with fear, Lily’s it.

The group number will be a mash-up of “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and “One Way or Another,” with the shoot involving a slushie fight between a swim team. You know what that means: It’s time to see some skin! Or as Charlie puts it, we're gonna get a clear view of his “junk.” Yikes. (Translation: Save it for Aylin, buddy.)

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

But not everyone is as excited about this video shoot as we are, with Nellie breaking down in tears at just the thought of the video. Luckily, Blake is there to comfort her. What we’re now wondering: Is there anything Blake can’t do? (And we’re also wondering if maybe Blake can comfort us when we’re feeling down? Just a thought.)

Speaking of Charlie and Aylin, it looks like their “friendship is awesome” chat last week didn’t count, since they’re as hot-and-heavy as ever! Frankly, we find this sorta shocking because Aylin had seemed like she was putting the kibosh on things. However, we have to admit that they're pretty adorbs, and Charlie is slightly less annoying when he’s around Aylin. Then again, Aylin is about as eager to call Charlie her "boyfriend" as most people are to admit when they're late to work. ("No, there wasn't heavy traffic on my morning commute — I just didn't feel like getting out of bed," said no one ever.)

But this budding romance is affecting Charlie’s performance in the recording studio, as he constantly looks out the window in Aylin’s direction. Also struggling in the studio is Michael, who claims that the notes he was given are too high (whatever you say, Michael). Meanwhile, Nellie and Abraham receive high praise from Nikki.

It’s time for the video shoot, and again, Charlie and Aylin’s relationship is a distraction, with Charlie making drab acting choices and Aylin inexplicably laughing after getting slushied. Let’s just say that someone laughing while getting slushied is like someone laughing while watching a Kevin James movie (in that they’re both things that shouldn’t ever happen).

As expected, Nellie is struggling with her sexy exit out of the pool and slo-mo hair shake. She finally gets it right, but it requires about a million takes, as she’s still uncomfortable with her body. On the other hand, Young Jane Lynch (a.k.a. Lily) is as confident as ever. And we’re not sure why Lily had that hose, but we’re hoping there weren’t any firefighters looking for it while the contestants were busy spraying each other with it.

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After we watch the music video (featuring a cameo from Rick the Stick!), it’s time to get the judges' feedback. This week’s MVPs are Lily and Ali, as Ali gets serious props for getting slushied despite her inability to handle cold temperatures. As for the negative feedback, Michael gets some criticism but narrowly avoids the bottom three, which ends up being Charlie, Aylin, and Nellie.

Looks like Charlie and Aylin will have to compete directly against each other. This is like their own personal reenactment of Mr. and Mrs. Smith! May the best lovebird win.

First up is Aylin’s version of “Take a Bow,” which wows the judges  and us! Frankly, we were blown away by Aylin’s performance this week, as she definitely seems to be one of the strongest contenders. Even Ryan Murphy calls Aylin a “game-changer” and says that she has a responsibility to represent a lot of girls who don’t otherwise get a voice on primetime TV. (No pressure or anything.)

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Next is Charlie with “It’s Not Unusual,” a song that Charlie had never heard. (Say what?!) But Charlie puts on quite a show (to quote "Take a Bow"), as he's dancing on top of the piano (nice try, but Kurt already did the “dancing on a piano thing” this season!). Charlie even sits down next to the judges, adding his own lines about being in love with Ryan. Ryan is impressed, calling this Charlie’s best performance yet but saying he has to stop being so unpredictable during the video shoots.

Finally, Nellie gives a powerful performance of “If I Were a Boy,” as she again proves that she has a much more stronger voice than you might expect from her timid, humble personality. However, Zach and Ryan agree that Nellie doesn’t seem like she wants to win badly enough.

The judges then have time to deliberate, and we hear that there are two contestants on the chopping block. Judging by the fact that Ryan says that both have issues with their acting skills, we’re guessing these two are Nellie and Charlie. We then hear Zach say that he wants at least one more week with one of these two contestants. And we now assume that Zach was saving Nellie, since it is Charlie who gets the boot. So long, Scott Campbell!

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Charlie’s exit isn’t entirely surprising, since he’s given so many last-chance performances at this point. But it is sad to see him go, since he was always capable of giving an impressive performance. Plus, we love gossip, so it had been fun to watch the ups and downs of Charlie and Aylin’s short-lived relationship (or whatever they were calling it). Yes, we were actually touched when these two said goodbye to each other. (Maybe our hearts aren’t stone-cold after all.)

So who are we rooting for now? Well, if we had to rank our top three contenders, we would put Blake in the number-one spot, since he continues to shine as an actor and he improved on last week (plus, he’s so darn cute!). In second place, we’re going with Lily, who keeps getting better, even if she’s a tad arrogant. And in a tie for third, we would put Shanna  who hasn’t been in the spotlight much lately  and Aylin, who’s definitely a firecracker.

Now don’t get us wrong  we love Nellie’s voice and attitude, and she would definitely be a perfect fit for Glee, but after seriously struggling this week, there’s no denying that she’s on some pretty thin ice. And the same could be said about Abraham, who is likable but is definitely on the verge of getting sent home.

All in all, it was one of the wilder and more surprising episodes in a while, and we have a feeling that future episodes will have a hard time topping this week's level of craziness! In other words, we don't expect the words "naked lumberjack" to be used again on an episode anytime soon — but maybe that's a good thing.

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