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Talk about a crazy episode! In this week’s Glee Project, two contestants went home; Aylin made out with both Blake and Charlie; and it became clear that you shouldn’t always dance like nobody’s watching. Overall, this episode was amazing and it even made us laugh out loud at times, but don’t worry  our laugh doesn’t resemble a troll on helium. (We hope!)

The episode, “Dance-ability,” begins with drama from the very beginning. The contestants learn they’ll be performing “We Got the Beat,” but soon they’ve got the beatdown, with Mario and Ali bickering about who gets to sing “round and round.” (Uh, way to pick your battles, guys.) Mario tells us that Ali’s idea is cliched, while Ali says Mario is rubbing people the wrong way. We probably would side with Ali  just because she appeared to claim the part first  but either way, the claws are coming out!

We also didn’t have to wait long for the first of many big shockers, with Taryn complaining about the cutthroat mentality of some of the “irritating” castmates, and then calling it quits later that night. It seems shocking that someone would get so close to a spot on Glee and then take themselves out of the running, but between last year with Cameron and now this, it’s clear the experience isn’t for everyone. We didn’t get to know Taryn well, but we wish her the best!

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

And now, back to the people who actually did want to be there. It’s time to perform for the judges, which includes Robert Ulrich and guest judge Samuel Larsen, last year’s co-winner who practically causes Aylin to faint on the spot. (Get the smelling salts.) Some people play hard-to-get when they are attracted to someone. Aylin is clearly not one of those people.

As one might expect, Samuel’s feedback after hearing the performance was certainly outside-the-box. Samuel calls Tyler a “proper nerd”  and who can hear that enough?  while Samuel compliments Shanna on her “sensuality.” (Shanna defining characteristic is "sensuality"? Uh, if you say so.)

However, the winner of this performance is Abraham, and he’ll be getting the lead in the group performance of LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem.” But we hope that Abraham enjoyed winning the competition, because that was pretty much the last time that any of the contestants received a compliment for the rest of the day. It’s time for the wrath of Zach!

That’s right  choreographer Zach Woodlee is never a big fan of doling out praise, but this week he's especially hard-to-please. Among his more memorable nuggets of hate? He calls the shoot a “catastrophe,” he doesn’t believe that Dani and Nellie actually rehearsed, and he tells Lily to stop doing her “wedding dance booby shaker.” (Come to think of it, that might be the first time that a guy has ever asked a girl to stop doing something called a “wedding dance booby shaker.”)

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

And Nikki had some complaints as well. Lily initally tells us that she’s extremely confident with her vocal prowess, given her formal training, but the look on Nikki’s face after listening to Lily is probably not what Lily was going for. Nikki says that Lily struggled with timing, pitch, and control, and we’re like, “Is that all?”

Of course, the video shoot wasn’t entirely painful  especially if you ask Aylin. We learned last week about her major crush on Blake, but this week we see that she and Charlie (who ain’t bad on the eyes himself) are getting all sorts of handsy. And then, when Blake has to kiss Aylin during the spin-the-bottle scene, these two totally go at it and make out for (approximately) eight hours.

But Aylin was apparently just getting started! Charlie was bummed to watch her kissing Blake, so what does Aylin do? She kisses Charlie, too! Problem solved  and suddenly, Charlie is happier than an astronaut who has just returned home safely from outer space. In other words: When it comes to kissing Aylin, ask and you shall receive. So let’s just say that she’s gonna have a lot of fast-forwarding to do when she watches this week’s episode with her mom.

Overall, we thought this week’s music video was a blast, even though it involved an egregious misuse of delicious-looking snack foods (which for some reason were instead dumped on people’s heads — not acceptable). But the judges weren’t onboard, calling it the worst video shoot in the history of the show! On the bright side, at least there's nowhere to go but up, right?

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A few people received praise, like Blake and Michael  along with Aylin, who annoys Lily with her “happy dance”  but for the most part, there were frowns all around. Even homework-assignment winner Abraham received harsh words, putting him in tears. In the end, the bottom three were Dani, for lacking enthusiasm and adaptability; Lily, for her off-putting dance moves and bad attitude; and Tyler, for dance moves that basically caused Fred Astaire to spin in his grave.

The three then give last-chance performances, starting with Dani, who impresses us with her take on “Landslide,” although Ryan Murphy felt that she didn’t really fit into Glee’s Broadway/pop aesthetic. Next, Tyler does “Daniel,” which Ryan Murphy says is 3000% better than his performance last week.

Finally, Lily performs “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!,” in which she takes off her jacket and even flirts with the band  which Ryan Murphy notes is a first for the show! (The band members then respond, “It’s about freakin’ time! Why else do you think we took this gig?”) But Ryan is concerned with Lily’s attitude, especially when she admits to having fought with her previous chorus teacher. (A note to Lily: When Ryan asks if you’re difficult, honesty might not actually be the best policy.)

Finally, it’s time to see who was sent packing, and it’s surprisingly Dani who get the boot. If you ask us, we were sorta shocked that Dani would chosen, as this seems waaay too premature. We’re just hoping that Lily’s attitude has changed for the better, since we see her in tears following her conversation with Ryan. (Then again, given the preview footage from next week that shows her starting a fight, we’re not so sure!)

Credit: Andrew Eccles/Oxygen Media © NBC Universal, Inc.


So who impressed us this week? We got a kick out of Blake and Michael’s dance moves  and the fact that they’re both easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt. And we must say that, even though she can have some ‘tude, we loved Lily’s last-chance performance, and we her personality while performing is a lot of fun. We’re also curious to learn more about Nellie, since her comment about not wanting to do much kissing was intriguing. 

As for people we aren’t crazy about, we’re still thinking that Shanna is a tad too in love with herself. Plus, we hope that Mario can learn to compromise, since he came off as immature with that clash over singing parts. Then again, we think it’s pretty smart that the show’s producers are forcing the contestants to choose their own parts for the homework assignment, since it leads to a lot more conflict. And who doesn’t like to watch a little conflict now and then?

So it was quite the dramatic episode, with two people going home and a lot of boobies getting shaken. We would say that this episode was 3000% better than we were even hoping for, but then we would be afraid that Samuel would call us a “proper nerd” for talking about numbers. So we won't risk it.


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