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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for on the Season 2 finale of The Glee Project! That’s right: It’s the moment when we get the return of Damian McGinty. Wait  you thought the moment we meant was when we learn who wins the seven episodes on Glee? Well, we suppose that’s a pretty big moment, too. (Or as Blake would say: “Dude!”)

It’s the end of the line for the three remaining contestants in the final Season 2 episode, “Glee-ality.” Robert informs them that the final homework assignment will be “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from Hairspray, which will be performed with all the previously departed Season 2 contestants. As Charlie puts it: They’re back, bitches.

We loved the adorable hug between Aylin and Charlie almost as much as we loved the bro reunion of Michael and Blake. But then it was time for business, with Chris Colfer  whose audition apparently inspired Glee Project  onhand, who informs all three that they are all winners of this final assignment. Wise idea to defer the tough decision-making to someone else, Chris!

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

The final music video will be Hot Chelle Rae’s “Tonight Tonight,” which is awesome, since we’ve always wanted Glee to do one of that band’s songs. (So many Overstreets!) In the recording studio, Nikki doesn’t like Blake’s first attempt, but he impresses her soon enough. Meanwhile, Aylin is worried about not remembering the song’s words (but what else is new?), while Nikki finds Ali to be a total pro.

It’s time to shoot the video, which mainly just shows the contestants on swings for no real reason. Plus, it’s a prom video, which means there are more balloons than in the movie Up.

Robert and Zach both comment on how great and versatile Blake is, while they’re worried if Aylin can handle the scrutiny that she would be under as a Turkish Muslim  although we think her sassy self can handle anything. Then, Nikki mentions that Ali is looking extra-gorgeous (which she definitely is  dayum, girl!).

Each of the three contestants will perform a final song for Ryan Murphy and the judges, along with assorted Glee cast members and writers. But the added twist is that the contestants can finally choose their own song. Decisions, decisions.

Ali is up first and performs a powerful and smile-inducing rendition of “Popular,” which blows everyone away. Next, it’s Blake’s “I’ll Be,” which is also impressive if not quite as vocally powerful. However, his skills in tossing the mic from one hand to the other are unparalleled.

Since Blake had prefaced his song by telling the group that he'd be showing them something they’d never seen from him before, Ryan was left feeling a little confused afterward. But then Blake brought it home with an emotional poem, offering our first glimpse at a sensitive and vulnerable Blake (who’s also the whitest half-Cuban person ever, apparently). Hold on a sec  so Blake can write poetry, too? Perfect guy alert!

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Up last is Aylin's rendition of “Rolling in the Deep,” which totally blew us away. Aylin follows it up with a speech of her own, informing Ryan that she can handle the pressure of being on the show, and that her mom has seen her in sexier dresses than the one she’s wearing. And right as Aylin said that line about her sexy outfits, Charlie’s head spontaneously combusted in a burst of flames.

So now Ryan wants to know everybody thinks. Right off the bat, there are a slew of people on Team Ali, particularly among the cast, including Darren Criss (swoon!), Grant Gustin, Dianna Agron, and Samuel Larsen, along with writer Michael Hitchcock. Writer Ali Adler disagrees, arguing that this was the star-is-born moment for new-man Blake, while director Erik White and writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa are also in Blake’s corner.

As for Aylin’s supporters, she has managed to win over Damian (well done, Aylin!), along with Amber Riley, who was especially impressed by Aylin’s take on “Rolling in the Deep.” And of course, Aylin’s most fervent supporter is her old squeeze Charlie, who gives a speech about Aylin that is quite possibly more passionate than even, say, the Gettysburg address.

And now the core judges confer one last time. Nikki finds Ali uplifting, and Robert loves Aylin’s voice. Then, Zach and Rob both sing Blake’s praises. (Get it  “sing”?) And Ryan Murphy says he is having more trouble deciding this year than he has in the past  which is all fine and good until you remember that Ryan didn’t actually pick a winner last year either! So it seems that Ryan is his usual, “let’s pick ‘em all!” self.

And yet, just when we thought that surely all three contestants would get some kind of prize, we learned that in fact there really would be only one winner, and that winner is... Blake! As soon as Ryan says Blake’s name, Blake jumps in the air euphorically and shouts the word “Dude!” triumphantly. Truer words have never been said.

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

So how did we feel about this outcome? Well, we hate to boast (just kidding  boasting is our favorite pastime!), but we must point out that we accurately picked Blake as the winner in last week’s recap. So clearly, we’re excited about seeing Blake on the show, and we really do think that he can become a huge star.

With that said, would it have been nice to have someone who’s a bit more diverse, like Aylin? Sure, considering that Cory Monteith and Chord Overstreet already have Blake's type pretty well covered. But you can’t choose everyone, so we do feel that Blake will be a stellar (and extremely handsome) addition to Season 4.

And there you have it! We’re more than a little sad to see such an amazing season come to an end, but that just means we’re that much closer to a new season of Glee. However, we still have a bit of time to kill until Glee returns, so if anyone needs us, we’ll be on the swings.

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