Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

Even if they didn’t end up winning The Glee Project, plenty of former contenders still stick around Los Angeles and keep working towards their chance to make it big. They continue pursuing acting, music, and more — and all that hard work can end up paying off in a big way.

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with several former Glee Project contenders at a rehearsal for their March 22 event, “The Concert Project,” and one finalist spilled the beans that she’ll be appearing in an upcoming episode of ABC Family comedy Melissa and Joey.

Lily Mae Harrington, the sassy, confident theater girl who made it to the Season 2 Glee Project finale this summer, gave us the inside scoop on her upcoming TV gig.

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

“From the show, [TGP mentor and Glee casting director] Robert Ulrich helped us get agents and get a foot in the door. Most of us have agents and have been auditioning nonstop for jobs,” Lily tells us.


All that work is starting to pay off, too. “I got a part on Melissa and Joey, on ABC Family, which I got to shoot a couple weeks ago,” she says.  


“It was super-fun. I do theater, so I felt it was totally my place. I felt like I was in college. It was really great. I think I realized acting-wise, I would love to be in a sitcom after that. It airs in May.”


She’s not the only member of the family to appear on the ABC Family comedy, either. Current Glee star — and Season 2 Glee Project winner — Blake Jenner (Ryder) played a dumb-but-cute jock named Miller Collins on an early episode of the show. Glee castmate Jacob Artist (Jake) played a political intern named Cameron in a different episode.


Now that her gig working with ‘90s superstars Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence is over, Lily says she’s back to work auditioning.


“Sitcoms, pilots, anything that comes my way. I'm also singing at a musical cabaret bar that just opened up in WeHo called Don't Tell Mamas. I'm going to be singing there three days a week. Just trying to keep the art in my bills!”