Is Glee’s McKinley High about to get a new class clown? It will if Glee Project winner Blake Jenner (Ryder) gets a say!

Blake tells TV Line that he learned the importance of comedic timing from improv classes with The Groundlings, which is also where comedy megastars Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig got started. In fact, when he was growing up, Blake actually wanted to be a stand-up comic. “I’m definitely in love with improv and comedy,” Blake says. Speaking of which, we’re kinda in love with Blake.

When did Blake know he wanted get into acting? It happened when he saw a film starring a certain actor whom Blake is known for impersonating. “When I first wanted to be an actor, it was when I saw Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber,” Blake says. And he thinks that Glee fans might be pleasantly surprised by his sense of humor if he has a chance to use it. Alrighty then!

In fact, Blake wishes he had been given more of a chance to display his comedy chops to the Glee Project’s viewers. “They’ve gotten little flashes of it, like when I won my first homework assignment on the show, and I said [uses funny voice], ‘Oh, I won this, and I won that, and I won this, and I won that.’” And let’s not forget when he and Charlie Lubeck dressed as towel-wearing superheroes on the show. Maybe he can provide comic relief in The Avengers 2?

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

But Blake doesn’t only have a funny side. He also has a sensitive side, which we saw when he read his original poem, “I’m The Guy,” on the finale. He says that, on the night before the final performance, he was awake “the entire night” writing that poem as his fellow contestants slept. “Poetry means a lot to me,” Blake says, so he was willing to spend hours perfecting the poem in order to “display the real me.” Talk about dedication!

Blake is especially glad to have landed on Glee since he knows what it’s like to struggle. Before The Glee Project, Blake says, “I was working at a parrot shop, trying to make ends meet.” Hold on a second — did he say a parrot shop? That’s right, and he says that it was hard work, as the parrots would often try to bite him. Then again, people in showbiz can be vicious, too. 

But we think Blake has a really good chance to succeed in Hollywood. So to paraphrase Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber: Yes, we’re telling you that there’s a chance.

Source: TV Line

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