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Have you noticed that The Glee Project’s Aylin Bayramoglu often mentions on the show that she’s Turkish Muslim? Well, recently ousted cast member Shanna Henderson noticed it — and she didn’t appreciate it.

Shanna, who was eliminated during Season 2, Episode 9: “Romanticality,” tells Entertainment Weekly she feels like her reason for going home “came down to storyline,” since creator Ryan Murphy felt he could write better stories for the other contestants. However, Shanna says that her real-life storyline is far more dramatic than we realize, and it would make the other contestants’ storylines “look like they aren’t compelling at all.” Those are fightin’ words!

So does Shanna regret not filling Ryan in on her “compelling” life story? She actually has no regrets, since she feels that discussing her personal life — which, she says, is “like a Lifetime movie” — would have caused too much pain for her family. She’s also relieved that she didn’t divulge deep secrets on the show, other than the fact that she was a “crack baby.”

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However, she feels that Aylin oversold her own storyline. “How many times have we heard Aylin say” that she’s Turkish Muslim, Shanna asks? And yet Shanna nonetheless acknowledges that “Aylin’s story intrigues Ryan,” and that Aylin has been “smart” to frequently play up this angle. 

Was Shanna as shocked as the rest of us were at her ouster? She says that the real shock came when she landed in the bottom three. “I absolutely thought that Michael should have been in my place, in Aylin’s place, and Blake’s place,” Shanna says. Harsh! However, once that sense of surprise had passed, Shanna “wasn’t shocked” that she was sent home.

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

So what’s on the horizon for Shanna? She is moving to Nashville “with a hope and a prayer” and is setting up a “five-year plan” for herself. She plans to pursue a country music career in the near future, but she also hopes to perform on Broadway and win a Grammy. In other words, “I’m going to have to work my butt off,” she says. We wish all the best to Shanna and her butt.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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