Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Lea Michele Sings in Glee Season 3, Episode 10: “Yes/No”

So many proposals! Tonight’s return of Glee after the holiday hiatus had its share of happiness and heartbreak, along with being jam-packed with everything from cute guys in swimsuits (which we support) to sexting (uh, no comment). In fact, we’re pretty sure this episode gave us a bad case of Git-Down Syndrome. Can you blame us?

The episode, “Yes/No,” managed to put the spotlight on a number of sometimes-neglected characters — like Becky and Emma — but especially Sam. In fact, the episode kicks off with Sam channeling everyone’s favorite John Travolta role — no, not the guy with the weird ropes coming out of his nose in Battlefield Earth; we’re talking about Danny from Grease. And from the start, it’s clear that Sam is not giving up on Mercedes.

We loved hearing Becky’s inner monologue being channeled by none other than Dame Helen Mirren. There’s nothing quite like hearing a refined Oscar winner say things like “man candy” or “rice queen.” (In our minds, these recaps are being voiced by Morgan Freeman, so we’d appreciate it if you would imagine him saying every word of this. Thank you.)

The show also wastes no time in revealing the first couple to pop the question in the episode: That would be Beiste and Cooter, who had their wedding shower at a Taco Bell. Their decision to elope was a surprise — considering the last we had heard, Cooter and Sue were an item. Yet it was a nice surprise to see Sue supporting Beiste, even if she does call her “Michael Chiklis in a wig” in the process. (Come to think of it, can’t you just picture Beiste saying, “It’s clobberin’ time!,” a la Michael Chiklis in Fantastic Four?)

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: The Glee Guys Do a Song and Dance in Season 3, Episode 10, “Yes/No”

The second proposal — Emma and Schue’s — is less of a shocker. As a proposal song for Schue, the girls opt for a powerful Roberta Flack number — which makes Mercedes think of Sam, much to her surprise. Meanwhile, Artie is all about gettin’ sexy, per his high-energy mash-up of Maroon 5 and The Rolling Stones, which he performs in a red V-neck t-shirt. (And is it just us, or does “Red V-Neck” sound like it could be the name of Beyonce’s next baby?)

The development of the Artie-Becky relationship was tough to watch, and even though we respected that Artie enjoyed Becky’s company, it was pretty clear that they were on a pity date. Also, a big surprise this week was seeing Sugar get a few more lines, as she somewhat harshly turns down Artie’s invitation to hang out. (Then again, considering that Artie has now gone for both Brittany and Sugar, we’re thinking that he definitely has a type.)

And it’s official: If you ask us, Emma has the World’s Worst Parents (meaning that title no longer belongs to Dina and Michael Lohan). Emma’s folks may fancy themselves as realists, but they’re just jerks, between their disastrous dinner with Schue and Emma earlier this season, followed by them trying to talk Schue out of proposing to their daughter this week.

Luckily, it was Sam who managed to be the “Hero of the Week” by getting Schue excited about proposing again. Sam — who joined the synchronized swimming team in a desperation move to impress Mercedes (good luck with that, buddy) — used the pool and his new fancy moves to give Schue the perfect proposal. And how hilarious was NeNe Leakes as his coach, with lines about getting her “40 acres and a pool”? We’re not holding our breath to see her competing against Meryl Streep at the Oscars anytime soon, but she still killed it!

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Mike and Tina Have a Picnic in Glee Season 3, Episode 10, “Yes/No”

So what did we think about the episode’s big surprise: Finn’s proposal to Rachel, ending in a cliffhanger? Well, we love Finchel, and they had some seriously hot smooching this week. But remember how it kinda-sorta felt like Rachel was sleeping with Finn to cheer him up after he didn’t get into Ohio State (in “The First Time”)? Well, we can’t help but feel that’s what it would be like here if she accepts his marriage proposal.

Granted, Finn receives devastating news about his dad, so we can understand why this would draw him closer to Rachel. But we feel like there’s no way Rachel is ready to get married, so we would rather have seen Finn connect more with Burt and Carole after getting the news. Also, the “father figure with a false identity” thing seems to be a common plot twist on TV shows these days, whether it’s Barney’s dad on How I Met Your Mother or Don Draper on Mad Men, so we’re thinking this feels a little familiar.

As for our favorite moment of the night, that goes to Will’s amazingly touching proposal, with Sue sharing ice cream with Becky coming in at a close second. And our third-favorite moment (who can stop at just two favorite moments for a show like this?) is when Schue asks Finn to be his best man. How cute was that? (Then again, it’s a little weird that Schue doesn’t have a single friend who isn’t half his age. Maybe Terri got to keep all their friends?)

We felt that Sue was again used perfectly this week, in that she had enough hilarious one-liners to still be her acerbic self (like how gloves are for Porsches, not wheelchairs!), but without becoming a cartoon-ish villain. (Of course, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t sort of expecting Sue to propose to someone by the end of the night, even if it was to just renew her vows to herself.)

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: The Cast Does Some Synchronized Swimming in Glee Season 3, Episode 10: “Yes/No”

And we’d be remiss to not mention that we love how Sam is being used this season! He was totally “Finn Lite” last year, down to the failed relationship with Quinn, so it’s great seeing him develop his own identity while still showcasing his pipes. And if there’s anyone out there who isn’t rooting for Sam and Mercedes to get back together and share another moment on that Tilt-a-Whirl, then it’s probably because you’re a robot and you don’t understand what love is. (But on the plus side, we assume you’re very articulate, sort of like Data from Star Trek.)

So we now have two weeks to bite our nails and wonder how Rachel will respond to Finn’s proposal! (Two weeks?! Say it ain’t so!) In the meantime, we’ll probably spend all our time by watching and rewatching the couples' adorable first moments together, including that scene in which Santana first realized that she was falling for Brittany. Swoon.

And speaking of which, how about a little more Brittany in the next episode, please? If that doesn’t happen, we just might have to order a “Cheesecake of Sadness,” like Rachel and Kurt did at Breadstix. (Thank you for reading. This is Morgan Freeman. Good night.)