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Drill, baby, drill? More like, “Glee, baby, Glee!” Seriously, how much fun was tonight’s Glee especially after last week’s sob fest? This week had everything we want in a prom episode, including tons of Brittany moments, Quinn and Rachel bonding (Faberry forever!), and Puck in his underwear Puck in his underwear Puck in his underwear Puck in his underwear. Sorry  what were we just talking about?

We know, we know plenty happened that didn’t involve Puck in his underwear (sadly). The episode, “Prom-asaurus,” kicked off with Figgins getting upset that Brittany has spent about as much time focusing on her presidency as most people spend deciding which brand of ketchup to buy at the grocery store, which is roughly three-and-a-half seconds. (“Heinz is so much better than Hunt’s,” said no one ever.)

There wasn’t a ton of plot this week  mainly, it involved the prom court election, with Rachel freaking out about Finn and Quinn’s joint campaign. Rachel sees a poster of Finn and Quinn, so she immediately tears it down, which is exactly what we want to do every time we see a poster advertising the new movie Battleship. (Translation: Do not go see this movie, people! If you support this board-game movie, then you’ll only have yourself to blame when the big summer blockbuster of 2014 is Checkers: The Movie Red vs. Black.)

Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.

And speaking of Quinn, we also learned that, after a lot of arduous adorable physical therapy with Joe, she can indeed walk again. It seemed like the show turned this major plot turn into sort of an after-thought, as Quinn’s mobility was used more to illustrate that she still has a bit of a deceptive streak. Still, we took a huge sigh of relief when we realized the happy news.

And of course, we can’t discuss Quinn without discussing how awesome she and and Rachel were together this week. Words simply cannot express how amazing it was to hear Rachel ask Quinn, “Do you not understand what you mean to me?” We understand, Rachel. We’ll always understand.

Come to think of it, prom had plenty of amazing moments in it this year: 1. Sam twirls Mercedes on the dance floor! (And how has Shane already moved on? This is Mercedes we’re talking about!) 2. Brittany gestures to Santana that she loves her by drawing that heart with her fingers on her face! (We’re guessing that’s safer than Brit trying to actually spell the word “love.”) 3. And the boys performing One Direction! (Okay, so none of them were wearing suspenders, Louis-style, but we suppose we’ll let that slide just this once.)

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Plus, just like Batman has The Joker and Letterman has Leno, this prom had an anti-prom, which basically exists so that Blaine can avoid showing up in public with dry hair. However, after seeing Blaine’s gel-free look later in the episode - in which his hair sorta resembles Seinfeld’s Kramer meets American Idol’s Justin Guarini (remember him?) we can’t say we blame him.

Is anyone else on Team Pucky? Okay, so Puck and Becky might not be perfect for each other, but we were shocked to see how cute they were together. And can Puck make us a cardboard crown 
pretty please? (Just a side note, but wasn’t Puck the one who asked Artie, “What’s your angle?” back when Artie was dating Becky in “Yes/No”? Seems like Puck changed his tune!)

Our “Favorite Scene Award” is a tough call this week, with so many pinchable couples, but we’ll say that our favorite was Puck and Becky in the hotel room. And for our runner-up, we’ll go with the scene at the end, where we realize that Quinn stuffed the ballot box for Rachel. (What can we say we love us some Faberry!)

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But what did you think of the ending? Sure, it was pretty awesome, in which Rachel becomes prom queen, and she and Finn dance away their sorrows, and we sob enough tears to fill an above-ground swimming pool. (Not even an inflatable kiddie pool, but the kind that you can almost swim freestyle in!) But we can still all agree that the ending required us to suspend a ridiculous amount of disbelief.

How did it require disbelief, you ask? Well, in what world is the ballot-counting for prom queen done by two prom queen candidates? And how are there no adults onhand to notice that, uh, Rachel’s name shows up on those ballots about as often as Mickey Mouse’s does? The Florida election in 2000 seems fair-and-square by comparison.

Still, even we have to admit that it was great to see Rachel get the win, since she’d been so depressed after choking during last week’s audition. Rachel needed a boost about as badly as the tortilla chips on the bottom of a plate of nachos need more cheese. (In other words, ridiculously badly.)

Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.

And one more thing: How is it that Mike and Tina still manage to be so freakin’ cute after all this time? (Yes, that’s the end of that paragraph. What can we say? Mike and Tina don’t get a ton of screentime, so they need their own paragraph once in a while. And who are you the Paragraph Police?)

All in all, this prom episode was about as much fun as eating cake frosting straight out of the tub. (Not that we’ve ever done that, of course. Nope not in a million years.)  And if you disagree with us about how awesome this episode was, then we might just have to hunt you down; in other words, you better pretend to be an ice sculpture so that we can’t find you.

Long story short: Puck in his underwear Puck in his underwear Puck in his underwear Puck in his underwear Puck in his underwear.

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