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See ya, Brody (Dean Geyer)! In tonight’s Glee Season 4, Episode 17: “Guilty Pleasures," Rachel (Lea Michele) is single and Blam is adorable (but we already knew that second one). It’s time for the recap, so grab your Scientology books, brush up on your robot maid voice, and pop in a breath mint.

Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to zig-a-zig ah. Whatever that means.

Don’t Wake Us Up Before You Go-Go, Brody

It’s guilty pleasure week, meaning here come neon clothes and Barry Manilow sleeves. Jake (Jacob Artist) is in hot water for wanting to sing Chris Brown, but the biggest guilty secret is Blaine's (Darren Criss), as he decides whether to tell Sam (Chord Overstreet) about his crush. If only Blaine just had a crush on us instead.

Deuce Bigalow  sorry, we mean Brody  has suddenly ended things with Rachel, thanks to last week’s run-in with The Incredible Finn. (We actually wouldn’t be surprised to see Finn decide to wear purple pants one day.) With Brody out, Santana has moved into the apartment for good, although she promises Kurt not to tell Rachel about Brody’s dirty sexy money.

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Who Isn't a Fanilow?

But of course we’ve all met Santana before, and so we all know there’s no way in hell she’s keeping that a secret. Finally, she spills the beans, leading Rachel to angrily confront Brody  but Brody claims Rachel was the liar for having slept with Finn at Schue’s wedding. Rachel’s like, “Oh  that.” How is it living in that glass house of yours, Rachel?

So finally Rachel is comforted by her two NYC besties — and possibly her boyfriend arm named Colin. And Sam finally tells Blaine that he knows Blaine has eyes for him, but he’s okay with. Who wants a breath mint?

Our Favorite Scene of the Week

What did we think of the episode? Well, not too much happened, with most of the focus on the songs and the Brochel fallout. Still, the song performances were a blast, between the Spice Girl costumes, Wham-era short shorts, and Abba outfits. So many regrettable style choices, so little time. Oh, and how amazing is Blaine doing Phil Collins?

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.

For our Favorite Scene of the Night award, we’ll go with Blam hugging it out. Let’s face it: Usually all of our favorite friendships disappear almost as quickly as they start (we still miss you, Kurtcedes!), so we’re relieved that this one is sticking around.

For our runner-up scene, we’re choosing “Fondue for Two” with Brittany and Kitty, since we can never get enough Lord Tubbington  who is apparently a big L. Ron Hubbard fan. To each cat his own. And our third-favorite scene is Tina doing Vicki from Small Wonder, since it was just that ridiculous.

Speaking of Kitty, does it seem like we might be getting a hint of romance between Artie and Kitty? Puck may have stolen Santana and Brittany from Artie during their Breadstix double-date back in the day, but it looks like Artie just might return the favor.

Also, we might have wanted a guilty pleasure song from the 2000s to be thrown in the mix (maybe a little O Town  or is that just us?), but that’s a minor quibble. 

So we loved this silly episode, and we love that Rachel and Brody are officially dunzo. But we’re kind of panicking that we have to wait so long for the next new episode. In the meantime, we’ll be busy trying to figure out what “zig-a-zig ah” means. That may take a while.