Credit: Adam Rose/Eddy Chen/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Santana (Naya Rivera) was a girl on fire during tonight’s Glee  Season 4, Episode 13: “Diva,” and honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

The sassy college cheerleader showed up at McKinley High once again tonight. (This seems to be happening a lot lately. And while we love it, it really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.) Can’t somebody just find a way to make her a series regular again? Oh, wait...

Santana sang a total of three songs throughout the episode, each of them stirring in its own right. From her emotional battle with Sam (Chord Overstreet) over their shared love of Brittany (Heather Morris) in “Make No Mistake (She’s Mine),” to her sassy, confident performance of “Nutbush City Limits,” Santana brought her A-game this episode.

And don’t even get us started about her powerful rendition of Alicia Keys’s “Girl on Fire.” We’re still feeling a bit breathless.

Credit: Adam Rose/Eddy Chen/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Over in New York City, Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele) had a Les Miserables Diva-Off. Come on kids, can’t we all just get along? It’s almost like you need a new roommate to move into that loft of yours and help keep the peace. And no, we’re not talking about Brody (Dean Geyer). Perhaps another former glee clubber might be feeling a little lost, and looking to make a big change in their life?

All in all, this episode provided tons of can’t miss performances. We’ve been in a Beyonce zone all week after that Super Bowl performance, so watching the New Directions perform her song, “Diva,” was just icing on the cake.

Also, where can we get Brittany’s (Heather Morris) gorgeous, jewel-encrusted pink gown from that number? We’d wear it every second of every day. Well, at least at home when no one else was looking...