Intense. That’s the best word we can think of to describe Glee Season 4, Episode 8: “Thanksgiving.”

The pressure of the competition between the New Directions and the Warblers at Sectionals? Intense. All the drama, and the resulting slap fight, between Quinn (Dianna Agron) and Santana (Naya Rivera)? Intense.

And don’t even get us started on how intense things got with Marley’s (Melissa Benoist) eating disorder story line. This isn’t some random joke thrown in for laughs or some minor issue to be sidestepped. Glee is serious about doing it’s eating disorder story justice, and Marley’s struggle took center stage during Sectionals — literally.

Let’s not forget about New York City, either. Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) spent Thanksgiving in the big city, and they even invited Kurt’s boss, Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker), over for a bit of singing, turkey, and prancing around in Manolos while singing Scissor Sisters songs with drag queens. You know: Typical Thanksgiving holiday fare.

You’ve seen the episode, now we want to know what you think. Was Glee’s “Gangnam Style” and One Direction-filled Sectionals episode one of your favorites so far, or was the whole thing just a little bit too intense for your liking?

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