Forget everything you knew about Glee. The Season 2 finale, “New York,” is going to blow your mind — one hour later.

Credit: PacificCoastNews Photo: Lea Michele and Cory Monteith on Set in Central Park on April 26, 2011

That’s right: Thanks to the first installment of American Idol’s two-part Season 10 finale, Glee is airing at 9 PM instead of 8 PM on May 24.

Before you start cursing Idol’s TV-schedule bullying ways, try to consider the extra hour a gift from Fox. Now you have 60 more minutes to put toward prepping Brittany’s cheese and crackers for your finale party... or mourning the loss of Jean Sylvester... or drinking gin lemonade... or dreaming up more Gleelationship mashup names... or perfecting your karaoke cover of “My Headband”... or listening to Matthew Morrison’s new album. The world is your oyster! Gee, thank you, Fox!

But first, enjoy a preview for the big event. Who will die? Who will hook up? Will New Directions win? It’s going to be tough to wait an extra hour for all the answers, but we can do it.

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