In the midst of a post-Thanksgiving food hangover, Jane Lynch (Sue) manged to roll herself over to the Live with Kelly and Whoever's Taking Over for Regis Show to dish on what's coming up for her character this season on Glee. Of course, Sue Sylvester's chief objectives right now revolve around her race for Congress. She's up against Kurt (Chris Colfer)'s dad Burt Hummel (Mike O’Malley) and that miserable pizza titan who outed Santana (Naya Rivera), but Jane let the cat out of the bag and revealed who would dominate the elections. And the winner is...

**Avert your eyes lest you be spoiled!**

Burt Hummel! See? Sometimes good doth prevail in cases other than Harry v. Voldemort.

Anyway, to cope with her crushing loss, Sue will try to redeem herself by working with the homeless. Um, so, an atypical revenge tactic for Sue, which makes us think... What in tarnation is she up to, now?

Source: YouTube