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Are you dying to find out what happens tomorrow night on the Glee Season 3 finale, Episode 22: "Goodbye"?! You’re not alone!! And thanks to a new tease from E! Online, we have a feeling – or anyway, more of a feeling than previously – that it’s gonna be an emotional ride!

When asked to describe the ep, E! does so thusly: “Cry your eyes out.”


Lucky for us, we’ve been prepping for weeks by stocking up on Kleenex (because, durrrrr!) We hope you did the same!

So many potentially-weepy moments are already on the radar – the incoming guest appearance by Gloria Estefan as Santana’s (Naya Rivera) super-supportive mama, the fate of the senior/non-senior relationships, the fate of… nearly everyone on the show!!!

(Breathe with us, we’ll get through this together!!!)

One thing that may turn your inevitable frown upside down? E! also teases that “even though the finale will focus a lot on the graduating seniors and setting up Season 4,” the New Directions’ longest-runnin’ ship, Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) and Mike (Harry Shum Jr.), will definitely “get their moment.”

With Mike graduating and Tina not, we’re not exactly sure what will be in store for them in Season 4, but things certainly do seem to be headed in a good direction!

Source: E! Online

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