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There is so much set to go down in Lima, Ohio between now and the end of our fave students’ senior year that we nearly forgot about that little, yet all-important thing called Nationals!

And since Rachel’s (Lea Michele) confidence was severely shaken after her rocky audition for NYADA, we’re now wondering just how well our pals will fare when they take that stage in Season 3, Episode 21

We’ve seen the set list for the competition, so we know that Rachel is set to take center stage in Chicago with a performance of Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back To Me Now." So will Rachel hit it out of the park like the born star we know she is, or might she suffer another scary NYADA-style moment?

Luckily, the folks behind New Directions’ coachin’ staff confirmed to E! Online that everybody in the New Ds will be bringing their all come Nationals time! Matthew Morrison (Will) dished, “Oh yeah, they’re bringing their A-game this year at nationals for sure!”


It sounds like Lea’s Celine Dion performance — as well as the New Directions’ Lady Gaga number and their Meat Loaf tune — are all three set to be top notch. Alex Newell (Unique) and Vocal Adrenaline better watch their backs!

Also on deck for the end of the season? TEARS! Heather Morris (Brittany) told E! of filming the Season 3 finale, “We started it today [May 1]. It’s pretty sad. I cried today.” (Prep the Kleenex supply, guys!)

Source: E! Online

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