Credit: Michael Yarish/FOX © 2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Finn Gives Rachel a Star-Shaped Necklace in Glee Season 2, Episode 12: Silly Love Songs

Sounds like someone will be having themselves a merry little Christmas with some engagement-scented bling. We discovered a little Season 3 scoopage involving someone at McKinley High taking a trip to Zales for a jewelry purchase, which is said to go down in Episode 9, also known as the Glee Christmas episode.

We suppose the Zales sale could mean that Finn (Cory Monteith) is buying Rachel (Lea Michele) another cutesy piece of jewelry she'll cherish forever (or until after graduation when she gets involved with some older, adorkable theater student at NYATA).

Is it wrong of us to be championing Wemma's engagement? Or possibly Puck (Mark Salling)  embarrassingly proposing to Shelby (Idina Menzel)? If there is  a Glee wedding in our future...