Credit: Danielle Levitt/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel in Glee Season 3

New Directions return to McKinley High this school year fresh off a Nationals loss — and with the impending doom of graduation (for fans sorry to see the seniors go, anyway) nigh. Among the 12th graders singing their swan song this season is Chris Colfer (Kurt), who dished just a bit on what we can expect next season, plus gave a surprisingly positive response to the mucho rumored Glee spin-off.

Klaine will continue to be an item next season, since, as Chris says, they have no other options (which we aren't entirely sure depicts a positive relationship, but okay...), while Kurt and Rachel (Lea Michele) further develop their new-found bestie-ship.

As for Kurt's academic pursuits, Chris tells Entertainment Weekly, "He is entering a new area of school, or attempting [to enter] into a new area of school and responsibility that we have not seen him enter," hinting that a new club may be thrown into the mix for Kurt's senior year.

And, of course, what would an interview with one of the departing members of New Directions be without him weighing in on the Glee spin-off rumors? "I definitely wanna hear details before I fully commit myself to it," Chris cautions, "But I love Kurt. I love being him. I love the relationship with his father. I would love to move on with this character in some way, just selfishly for my own sake, to see how he grows and the person he becomes. So I’d love to move on with him."

Glee: The College Years, here we come!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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