By now, you may have heard the news that Brittany (Heather Morris) will be getting married — and hopefully just fake married — to Sam (Chord Overstreet) during Glee’s upcoming Season 4 Christmas episode.

Yet Britt and Sam’s little Love Actually-inspired wedding moment won’t be the only time we see Brittany over the course of this episode. In fact, she and the Cheerios seem to have quite the elaborate musical number up their sleeves.

On November 4, Christmas episode director Adam Shankman tweeted, “TMRW @GLEEonFOX: we shoot haunting retro scene with the gang, and THEN 1st musical number! #reindeerios #glee xmas!”

We weren’t exactly sure what “Reindeerios” were, until Adam kindly tweeted a photo of them. Adorable, no? But what is Sam (Chord Overstreet) doing there with them? It looks like he might have a very big part in this number, too.

On November 2, Glee producer Brad Falchuk tweeted this photo of Brittany preparing for what looks to be some sort of an acrobatics scene. The strange part is, he tweeted a photo of Finn (Cory Monteith) surrounded by Cheerios props and messing around on giant hula hoops just days before.

Is Finn somehow involved in the number, as well, or was actor Cory Monteith just goofing around on set? We really hope that December would just hurry up and get here already so we can find out!

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