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Do you remember in the Glee Season 2 premiere when Rachel (Lea Michele) said to Finn (Cory Monteith), “I’ll never break up with you,” and Finn responded “Me neither”? LIARS!!!!!!

Since the moment when Rachel began terrifyingly stalking sweetly crushing on Finn at the beginning of the show, we’ve been rooting for them. At first, we were behind them just because we’ve been that girl, wanting the hot guy with the beautiful girlfriend and feeling like we were invisible.

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Luckily, Rachel Berry has always known that she is worth seeing, and shortly after they met, Finn started to see the great things in her. It started with her singing and then, well, her butt. Then, he full on liked her even though she was “kind of Swimfan”-like toward him (that’s SWF stalker, for all of you who didn’t see the movie).

When Finn’s dreams of college football ended, it was Rachel who understood that Finn’s anger was not because he was mad at her for having a dream — rather, it was because he felt like he wasn’t good enough for her. But Rachel is always the first person to tell Finn he is special and usually he believes her.

Unfortunately, after seeing Rachel in her element in New York, Finn went back to that dark place (no, not Ohio) inside himself. By pushing her away, he may have thought he was leaving her open to achieve her dreams without holding her back.

Credit: Mike Yarish/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.

It remains to be seen if she moves on to Brody or embraces her single life in New York City. And regardless of your feelings about Finchel’s past, the question is whether or not you think their goodbye in the auditorium was the end or if it will prove to be just a blip in their love.

What do you think — is this the end for Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson, or will they find a way to be together again?

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