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Glee manages to pack an insane number of songs into each episode, which means there will always be a few standouts, along with the inevitable dud or two. We've narrowed the performances from Season 4, Episode 13: “Diva,” down to the very best and the coulda-done-without. Do you agree with our picks?

Best Performance of the Night: “Girl on Fire” by Santana

Credit: Glee on Fox on YouTube Photo: Watch: Santana Sings Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire" in Glee Season 4, Episode 13: "Diva" (VIDEO)

There was no shortage of amazing performances this week — as we’d assume on an episode devoted to divas. And that includes Rachel (Lea Michele) and Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) stellar “Bring Him Home.” 

But there’s no way we couldn’t put the resurgent Santana (Naya Rivera) in the top spot with her powerful and anthemic “Girl on Fire.” Plus, just the thought of Santana running amok in NYC makes us smile.

Worst Performance of the Night: “Diva” by New Directions

Credit: MrRPMurphyExclusive on YouTube Photo: Watch: Blaine and New Directions Sing Beyonce's "Diva" in Glee Season 4, Episode 13 (VIDEO)

When you perform a Beyonce song only a few days after her Super Bowl halftime show, aka one of the best performances of her (or anyone’s) career, you better bring it. Sadly, New Directions didn’t quite deliver.

Granted, not many people would be able to sing this the way Queen Bey does, but Brittany (Heather Morris) and Unique’s (Alex Newell) vocals weren’t up to par. However, we won’t complain about seeing Blaine (Darren Criss) strut his stuff on the catwalk. Fierce!