From Whoopi Goldberg to Kate Hudson, Glee is enlisting a flurry of famous faces to join for multiple-episode guest arcs in Season 4, but few of them excite us as much as Sarah Jessica Parker.

The former Sex and the City star will play Isabelle Wright, a quirky fashion editor who becomes Kurt’s mentor when he lands an internship at

We’ve already heard that SJP, Chris Colfer (Kurt) and Lea Michele (Rachel) had recorded their first song together. Then August 20, Glee creator Ryan Murphy tweeted the very first photo of Kurt and his sassy new boss. “First scene! Kurt and Isabelle,” he wrote.

Chris retweeted the photo, adding on an adorably excited, “I love her - I love her! Can we keep her?

Oh, Chris. You definitely get to keep her for a multiple episodes... just probably not all season long.

In other news, we’re loving Kurt’s fashionable outfit in this pic, but we’re not quite sure about that uniquely-gelled new hairdo. What are your thought’s on Kurt’s Elvis-inspired new ‘do?

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