The time has finally come! Quinn (Dianna Agron) is making her long-awaited return to Glee in Season 4, Episode 8: “Thanksgiving,” and Glee creator Ryan Murphy just tweeted a first-look photo of what’s about to go down.

The photo Ryan posted on Twitter on October 12 shows Q standing in what appears to be the McKinley High choir room — with none other than Santana (Naya Rivera)! Since this is the Thanksgiving episode, we can assume that both ladies are simply home in Ohio for the holidays.

Quinn’s time at Yale seems to be treating her well. She looks stunning in that pretty blue dress and red sweater — and look at how long her hair has gotten since graduation!

What do you think of Q’s new look — and what do you think she and her old frenemy Santana could be up to? Dare we hope for a little Quinntana duet?

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