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Earlier today, we learned that both Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson are set to appear on Glee Season 4 for multiple episodes. Chris Colfer (Kurt) shared earlier today that SJP will serve as his mentor "of sorts" and now Lea Michele (Rachel) is revealing that she will work closely with Kate Hudson!

"I think she is one of the best comedic actresses, and I cannot wait to work with her. What Ryan has in store for she and I is so exciting," Lea told E! Online.

Wait a second. "So you'll be working with Kate quite a bit?" E!'s Kristin Dos Santos asked. Lea smiled and nodded her head. Then she turned to Chris and the two of them squealed with excitement. "We have our own guest stars!"

Too cute, right? Kurt and Sarah Jessica Parker, and now Rachel with Kate Hudson. These two duos sound like they are going to make Season 4 absolutely fabulous. We can't wait to see all four of them in action!

Credit: E! Online Photo: Chris Colfer and Lea Michele on Glee Season 4: Guest Stars and Romance! Who Has a Relationship Cliffhanger Coming Up? (VIDEO)

Source: E! Online

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