Credit: Instagram

A lot of Glee stars have tattoos IRL, but it looks like one of the show’s characters may be going under the needle soon! How do we know? Glee set decorator Leigh Poindexter may have provided a clue on her Instagram.

Credit: Instagram Photo: Glee Set Decorator Leigh Poindexter

The caption reads: “When playing an on-camera tattoo artist, don't forget your black widow neck piece.” She could be talking about a role on another show, but it seems more likely to us that she’ll be appearing on Glee, which is currently filming its Season 4 Christmas episode. And there there’s a tattoo artist, there’s almost always a tattoo.

It wouldn’t be the first time someone behind the scenes on the set of Glee ended up getting screen time — after all, Heather Morris started out as a consulting choreography before being cast as Brittany S. Pierce.

If someone on the show does get inked, who do you think it will be? Our first guess is Rachel Berry (Lea Michele).  Rachel has been going through a bunch of changes this year and dressing more like her real-life counterpart. By our count, Lea has at least 13 tattoos, and among them is a gold star on her wrist. As most Gleeks know, gold stars are kind of Rachel’s thing!

Source: Instagram

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