Kurt (Chris Colfer) has always made bold choices when it comes to his fashion sense, and his big move to New York City isn’t changing that one bit!

Glee Season 4, Episode 3, Kurt starts his brand new internship at Vogue.com working for Isabelle Klempt, a quirky fashion editor played by Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker.

Glee creator Ryan Murphy tweeted this new photo of Kurt on August 23, and we have to say, the poor guy looks pretty terrified. First day jitters, perhaps?

The best part of the photo by far, however, has to be the gigantic pin Kurt has smartly fastened to his blazer. No, your eyes do not deceive you. That really is the same giant hippopotamus head pin Kurt wore back in Season 3. And it’s totally growling at you.

Kurt might be a bit lacking in confidence right now, but his fashion accessories certainly aren’t. What do you think of the fashion-forward look: is is quirky-cool, or just plain kooky?

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