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UPDATE: It's not just Zap2it, E!Online is also reporting that Kurt will head to NYC in Season 4. The evidence just keeps coming in! 

Just because Kurt (Chris Colfer) didn’t make it into NYADA during Glee’s Season 3 finale, Episode 22: "Goodbye," don’t think for a second that all his dreams of heading to New York City have been equally crushed.

After all, Sex in the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker is set to appear as Kurt’s “mentor of sorts” during Glee Season 4, and we’d find it pretty hard to believe she’d be hanging out in Ohio instead of NYC. (Or is that just our own personal longing for Kurt to make it out of Lima? Maybe.)

Luckily, Chris Colfer’s been doing a bit of chatting lately about what to expect for Kurt in Season 4 — and it certainly sounds like a move to NYC is might be still very much in the cards.

Chris tells Zap2it that though he only knows “a light sprinkling of what they’re planning,” he does seem to be under the impression that Kurt will be in NYC. Chris calls the plans for Kurt in Season 4 “pretty cool,” and adds that Kurt is a “a really really powerful character and I'm really interested to see where he goes."

That certainly doesn’t sound like a guy who is just sticking around Lima for another year to us!

Now that NYADA is out of the question for Kurt, Chris has his own ideas for he thinks the brilliant Mr. Hummel might fit in best in NYC.

"The offices of Vogue. I want him to be Anna Wintour's assistant, and then of course I want him to sing at night. Maybe he goes to Joe's Pub occasionally and has a random concert with him and two people. And then eventually I want him to be the editor in chief of Curtain Magazine, which combines fashion and show choir."

Sounds good to us. We’re just happy to see that Kurt isn’t giving up on his dreams!

Source: Zap2it

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