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While the future of Glee remains shrouded in “revolutionary” mystery, we do know one very reassuring thing for certain – Lea Michele (Rachel) isn’t goin’ anywhere!

Lea reiterated her investment in the show last week during a chat with Access Hollywood, confirming that she’ll be there for season four, and adding that Rachel Berry is “definitely going to be a part of Glee for a very long time.” Phew!

Lea joked, “I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be 85 walking down the hallways of McKinley High.” (Are we crazy for wanting to see that? Dream sequence, plz?)

As to where Rachel’s storyline may take her, when asked if Rachel had to “choke” in order to stay put in Lima and on the show, Lea coyly responded, “She’s not going to be [in Lima] for certain.”

Something tells us that Rachel’s NYC dreams aren’t quite off the table just yet…

Source: Access Hollywood

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