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We love Klaine, but we still think their scenes together could be even better! Unfortunately, we’re not sure what the future holds for Glee’s Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) in Season 4, but we certainly know what we want to happen. Here are our top five hopes for the couple in the upcoming season. (C’mon, Ryan Murphy it wouldn’t kill anyone for these two to kiss every now and then, right?)

1. More PDA (duh!)

We would say that Klaine deserves more onscreen kissing, but that would imply that the couple gets to kiss at all onscreen, which it doesn’t. And that is freakin’ ridiculous! Why was there no prom kiss? Why was there no kiss after Nationals, when even Brittana got to lock lips? We’re not saying that Glee should get all soft-core on us (although some fans probably wouldn’t mind!), but Klaine should at least close to the amount of kisses that Finchel gets.

2. More Kurt solos — and more Klaine duets

We love it whenever Blaine gets a solo, but it’s hard to overlook the fact he got far more solos than Kurt in Season 3. The few songs that Kurt did get were among our faves of the year think “Not the Boy Next Door” so we don’t understand why there weren’t more. And we squeal whenever we get a Klaine duet, so we’d love a few more of these, too. Whether any duet can live up to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” remains to be seen, but we’d love for them to at least try to top it!

3. We want the old Blaine back, circa Season 2

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What does Blaine want out of life? We’re not entirely sure yet, but we know that if Blaine just follows Kurt’s request that he spend every weekend in New York City, he probably isn’t going to find out anytime soon. We loved Blaine’s confidence and sexiness in Season 2, but then he sorta lost his mojo in Season 3, like when he belittles Sam (Chord Overstreet) for showing too much skin during his Magic Mike days. Bring back the old Blaine already!

4. Scenes with the couple connecting and going on adorable dates

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Obviously, we’re worried about how much screentime Klaine will get together in Season 4, with Kurt having graduated. But when they are sharing scenes together, Klaine deserves to be a normal couple, which means not just kissing but, say, cuddling on a couch while watching TV, or going out to dinner together. Every couple needs some cuddle time, right?

5. More continuity and more logical storylines

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In Season 3, the couple would bicker about an issue in one episode, like Kurt texting a new guy because he felt neglected, but then the problem would be dropped the following week without being properly resolved. We don’t want the show to focus on the couple’s flaws, but we do want more continuity, and we want to be sure that Blaine is fully supportive of Kurt. Remember when Kurt bought Blaine flowers in “Asian F”? Maybe it’s time for Blaine to return the favor!

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