Having a best friend who interns at one of the world’s foremost fashion publications certainly has its perks. Just ask Rachel Berry (Lea Michele).

Her bestie and brand-new NYC roommate Kurt (Chris Colfer) just landed a gig interning at Vogue.com, and it looks like Rachel’s getting in on a bit of the high-fashion action for herself.

On August 22, star Lea Michele tweeted, “Loved this dress I got to wear on set today..” Her photo shows a very glammed-up Rachel looking princess-perfect in an elegant couture ball gown.

But that’s not all! The next day, Lea tweeted yet another pic from her day of filming: this time, a ridiculously fluffy and feather-covered piece that literally envelops her with all its poofy fluff.

Another fun dress from shooting yesterday! lol” she wrote.

Since Lea already tweeted that she’d be working with both Kurt and Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays his quirky fashion editor boss, Isabelle Klempt, we can only assume that these scene must take place in the Vogue.com offices.

Our bet’s on some sort of montage of Rachel in various high-fashion gowns, likely during an upcoming number. She’s has tweeted about song recording and dance practice, after all.

We’re sure there will be plenty more dresses to come in the episode. But of the two we’ve seen so far, which is your favorite?

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