It looks like the lights are going to be out at McKinley during Glee’s upcoming Season 4, Episode 20. Does this mean things will be getting extra-sexy in the dark? We wouldn’t be surprised.

Chord Overstreet (Sam) tweeted on March 26 that he and two other New Directions will be doing something in the dark, to which Kevin McHale (Artie) had a hilarious reply:


Chord also shared a pic on Instagram of Artie wearing some sort of helmet light, along with the caption, “Me and Kevin are ‘bout to go cave diving.” And yes, Kevin looks cute even in that ridiculous headgear — not to mention the adorable horse sweater.


Credit: Chord Overstreet on Instagram Photo: Artie in a Cave in Glee Season 4, Episode 20

So what exactly is going on that has caused things to get so dark? Might there be a power outage at McKinley, perhaps inspired by this year’s Super Bowl?


Or maybe those three New Directions guys are breaking into the school at night to retrieve something, not unlike when Blaine and Sam snuck their trophy out of Dalton. Could this be another job for Nightbird and Blonde Chameleon?


We’re also wondering if this apparent blackout will lead to any appropriate song choices. Maybe this will finally give the show a chance to do Ellie Goulding’s “Lights” or Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark”?


Then again, the one song that really comes to mind when seeing Kevin in that helmet is the song “Heigh-Ho” as performed by the Seven Dwarfs.

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