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If you’ve been finding it as tough as we have to see Marley string both Jake and Ryder along on Glee lately, you’re in luck!

Marley will finally be choosing one of the two guys in a soon-to-air episode, according to E! Online. But who will the lucky guy be?

If we had to guess, we’d probably lean toward her going with Jake, since the two have had insane amounts of chemistry ever since that smokin’ hot duet on “Crazy”/”You Drive Me Crazy.” And their mash-up name Jarley totally rolls off the tongue, right?

But Ryder and Marley have had their moments as well, especially in Season 4, Episode 6: “Glease,” when he gave her that bathroom pep talk, followed by a backstage kiss. They haven’t progressed much since then, but they certainly have potential.

Long story short: Don’t make us choose! Of course, there are worse problems for a girl to have then choosing between those two hotties.

When Glee returns, Marley will also be focused on proving herself to her glee club pals.

"Now is this time where she's growing a lot and finding a lot of confidence and strength after everything that happened with her," Melissa says. "She's really working on redeeming herself with the New Directions after everything that happened at Sectionals."

So it sounds like things are looking up for this lady. And who will be by her side at future choir competitions? We’ll have to tune in and find out.

Source: E! Online