Brittany (Heather Morris) might have seemed like her same carefree, thought-free self in last week’s Glee Season 4 premiere, but that’s all about to change in this week’s Britney Spears tribute. In other words, Brittany is about to become a bit... toxic.

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Instead of channeling Britney Spears: pop superstar like she did in Glee’s first tribute back in Season 2, Zap2It reports that this season’s tribute will find Brittany acting a whole lot more like Britney Spears circa a few years ago. In other words, get ready for a trainwreck. (Hide the clippers.) 

As you might have guessed, Brittany’s meltdown will be reminiscent of the one in which Ms. Spears shaved her head and attacked people with umbrellas. And here we thought Glee only used umbrellas for elaborate renditions of Rihanna songs

The Hollywood Reporter points out that this collapse is due to Brittany’s struggles with having to repeat senior year without Santana (Naya Rivera) by her side. However, the one thing that won’t change about Brittany this week is her ability to give us all fits of laughter. The episode will apparently provide some of the funniest Brittany scenes in Glee’s history, and that is certainly saying something. 

Source: Zap2ItThe Hollywood Reporter

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