As soon as we heard that McKinley high school would be putting on Grease in Glee Season 4, Episode 6: “Glease,” we instantly pictured this season’s newest lovebirds, Jake (Jacob Artist) and Marley (Melissa Benoist), in the title roles as Danny and Sandy.

She’s the school good girl. He’s the popular, rebellious bad boy. They're the roles they were born to play. Glee creator Ryan Murphy tweeted a photo last week confirming that Marley does, in fact, land the coveted role of Sandy.

But will Jake really be her Danny? Because judging from the way she was looking at Ryder (Blake Jenner) in that most recent promo, we’d say there’s definitely another love triangle brewing in the halls of McKinley High.

On October 9, Ryan tweeted two more Glee photos, and both photos make it perfectly clear which of the McKinley guys nabbed the role of Danny. Drumroll, please. And the winner is... Ryder.

Sorry, Jake. Looks like the new guy beat you on this one.

The first of Ryan’s photos shows Ryder, Jake, Sam (Chord Overstreet), Joe (Samuel Larsen), and the recently returned Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) recreating John Travolta’s iconic “Greased Lightning” performance — stark white background, iconic red 1948 Ford racer, and all.

In the next photo, Ryder and the gang are seen at the end of the song, back in the high school auto shop and posing atop their beat-up white clunker.

Are you excited about the chance to see Glee Project winner Blake tackle such an iconic role, or were you really hoping that Jake might get the part, instead?

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