Credit: Glee Wiki

Ever since we first heard that Glee is bringing on a new Warbler with the sole mission in life of convincing Blaine (Darren Criss) to transfer back to Dalton, we’ve been sort of freaking out.

Brokenhearted, not to mention feeling the need to distance himself from constant reminders of his ex, will Blaine eventually succumb to the pressure? Will he really abandon the New Directions — and even go as far as to perform against them at Sectionals?

Glee filmed its Season 4 Sectionals competition late last week, and the cast tweeted plenty of photos of themselves in costume,hanging out on set. However, there was only one outfit that we truly cared about: Blaine’s. Would he be wearing the New Directions’ simple black uniform, or might he be decked out in that familiar Warblers garb instead?

Credit: Glee Wiki

Glee Wiki has a photo of Darren Criss posing with a fan at Sectionals, and we are happy to announce that Blaine is very much dressed in this year’s New Directions performance outfit!

There you have it. If Blaine jumps ship, it won’t happen until at least after Sectionals. But considering that bother new Warbler Hunter and returner Sebastian (Grant Gustin) will be sticking around for more episodes, even after Sectionals is over, we’re not out of the woods quite yet.

Source: Glee Wiki

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