Glee just nabbed itself a signature All-American football jock — in the form of Glee Project runner-up Blake Jenner (Ryder) — as recently as last week, but the show is already tossing him in the center of some good ‘ole fashion high school relationship drama.

Ryder and Jake (Jacob Artist), aka the stereotypical high school bad boy, haven’t even officially met yet, but the two seem destined to start up a rivalry. The reason why? They’re fighting over a girl, of course.

Alex Newell (Unique) spoke recently with After Elton, and he shared a few teasers about what to expect. “[A] rivalry you’ll see coming is between Jacob and Ryder. You’re going to see the tension between them fighting for one girl,” he says — before adding, “I hate love triangles. They’re so stupid.

Stupid or not, it’s the storyline we’re about to get. So will Marley choose Jake, the edgy bad boy she’s always had chemistry with, or Ryder, who’s goofy, charming, and has been nothing but kind to her so far?

In other news, Alex shared that though Unique was cast in the role of Rizzo for McKinley’s production of Grease, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll get to take the stage come performance day.

“Well, that’s not the end of the story because something else is going to happen really big,” he says.

Sounds like trouble. And we’re willing to be that Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) is somehow involved.

Source: After Elton

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