The time for Sectionals is fast approaching on Glee Season 4, and if the New Directions want to be able to take part in this year’s competition, they’d better starting adding new members fast.

Previous seasons have clearly established that a glee club needs at least 12 members in order to compete, and the last time we checked, the New Directions were only at ten.

There are returning members Blaine (Darren Criss), Sam (Chord Overstreet), Brittany (Heather Morris), Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz), Joe (Samuel Larsen), Artie (Kevin McHale), and Sugar (Vanessa Lengies), plus newcomers Jake (Jacob Artist), Marley (Melissa Benoist) and Unique (Alex Newell). But that only makes ten!

So will the New Directions be able to secure the final two members necessary, or will they be barred from competing altogether? Luckily, Glee creator Ryan Murphy is here with the answer.

On October 23, Ryan tweeted a photo that showed four of the New Directions trying on their snazzy black Sectionals competition outfits — but two of the faces are one’s we haven’t seen in the glee club before.

Based on Ryan’s photo, it seems that both snarky cheerleader Kitty (Becca Tobin) and new football jock Ryder (Blake Jenner) are now official members of the McKinley High glee club. Welcome to the group, you too! And Kitty? Try not to cause too much trouble....

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