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If you’ve seen Glee‘s first behind-the-scenes video of Season 4, then you already know the very first time Rachel (Lea Michele) meets her potential new love interest Dean Geyer (Brody), they will both be in a co-ed NYADA bathroom and he will be practically naked.

We’ve seen a short clip of the just barely covered Brody introducing himself to a flustered Rachel. Now, there are new details that reveal even more of Brochel’s sexy first meeting.

Comparisons between Brody and Rachel’s ex-fiance Finn (Cory Monteith), are sure to arise, especially when fans hear what sort of song Brody will be singing as he takes his shower. E! Online reports that the tune will be a classic ‘80s song.

Um, Brody? Getting caught crooning ‘80s music in the shower is kind of Finn’s thing. At least have the decency to pick another decade. 

And while Rachel will still be very much in love with Finn during Glee’s Season 4 premiere, that doesn’t mean Brody won’t try to make a move on her. He starts flirting right off the bat — winking coyly at her as he saunters out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel.

Rachel might not be interested in Brody romantically, but she definitely comes to value him in other ways. Her new life at NYADA, is turning out to be miserable. Her roommate is sleeping with half the school, her dance teacher loves to torture her — nothing is going well.

Credit: David Giesbrecht/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.

In fact, The Hollywood Reporter reports Brody is the only person who seems to be on Rachel’s side. He immediately takes an interest in helping her out, and encourages her to find the confidence she needs to make it in her new city.

See? Brody is a total sweetheart. Now, if he would just remember to keep his clothes on around Rachel, we’re sure everything will turn out fine.

Source: E! OnlineThe Hollywood Reporter

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