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If you’re still hoping to see Dave Karofsky (Max Adler) return to Glee to see how he’s doing post-suicide attempt, let’s just say you shouldn’t hold your breath. That is, unless you have unbelievable lung capacity.

Glee producer Brad Falchuk was asked by TV Line if Dave Karofsky would be returning to the show. Brad’s response? “I don’t have any plans.” So it’s not sounding good for all the Karofsky fans, not to mention any Kurtofsky shippers out there.

Brad says he feels that the show has taken Karofsky’s character as far as it needs to. “I’d never say never, but I thought we really finished that story nicely,” Brad explains. “It was very clear: He’s OK. He’s out now. In the future, there’s a possibility of him being really happy. ”

Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Wait — huh? Seeing the poor guy in a hospital bed is Brad’s idea of wrapping up the story? We beg to differ, as we’d love to see Karofsky back on the show and on the road to happiness.

So is the door definitely shut on Karofsky ever returning? “You never know — he might come back,” Brad says. “We might need him for something. You never know when you need someone to talk to Unique [Alex Newell] or something. But there’s no more story to tell with that character, as far as I’m concerned.”

Okay, so a return of Karofsky is not something you should bet on. And that’s definitely a bummer, since we’ve grown to love not only Karofsky as a character but also Max, who plays him. 

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But Max seems to be doing just fine without Glee. In fact, if you’re looking to get your Max fix this week, you can actually catch him in tomorrow night’s pilot episode of ABC’s new series Last Resort at 8 p.m. — right before Glee! He also has a small role in the upcoming Liam Hemsworth film Love and Honor

While we’re certainly glad to see Max land all these new roles, we really wouldn’t mind it if he popped back up on Glee every once in awhile, too. Just a thought!

Source: TV Line

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