Credit: Tommy Garcia/FOX ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.

FOX released the official Glee Season 4 class portraits on Monday, and we have to say, they’re all pretty fantastic. Colorful, quirky, and cute — all of these new pics seriously make us wish we could speed up time and make it just be September 13 already.

But if you had to pick a favorite out of this season’s class portraits, which one would you pick?

Rachel’s (Lea Michele) cheerful red NYADA photo is classic Rachel Berry fashion, with subtle hints of the more bold and grown-up Rachel that is to come in Season 4. She’s wearing a confident smile, and a new Sex and the City-inspired necklace. As for that cute navy sweater and red skirt, it’s the exact same outfit she wore during that New York City park encounter with her hot new love interest, Brody (Dean Geyer).

Santana (Naya Rivera) looks sassy as ever in her new photo. Though it’s pretty similar to her in last year’s portrait, don’t you think? We know that Santana starts the year off as a cheerleader at the University of Louisville in Kentucky — we’ve even seen her new uniform — but the fact that she’s not wearing it in these photos makes us wonder if Santana just might not be staying in Kentucky for long. Perhaps a move to New York City might be in order? You certainly wouldn’t hear us complain about that!

Blaine (Darren Criss) looks to have been caught mid-solo in his new photo. It’s an image that launched a thousand hilarious photoshop pics on Tumblr, and we’re pretty impressed with the results. Blaine holding baby Simba from The Lion King? Totally awesome. Blaine the chef, complete with s silly mustache and a giant plate of spaghetti? Yes, please! Oh, Tumblr. Sometimes you are one of our favorite things in life, ever.

Blaine’s class portrait may be one of our favorites, but his boyfriend Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) new photo doesn’t look half bad, either. Is it just us, or does Chris Colfer just seem to be getting exponentially more attractive by the day. Don’t get us wrong, this guy has always been cute, but these days — dang. The hair. The outfit. The adorably confident smile. Kurt Hummel grew up fine.

If we’re slightly underwhelmed by Brittany’s (Heather Morris) class photo this year, it’s only because her portrait with that adorable Rainbow Dash stuffed animal last year set the bar so ridiculously high. After you’ve snapped a photo with a My Little Pony whispering a secret into your ear, no other pic can ever possibly come close. We love Brit’s confident cheerleader pose this year, for sure. But it just doesn’t live up to her masterpiece from Season 3.

New girl Marley (Melissa Benoist) looks adorably fresh-faced and cheery in her class photo, which is everything we’d expect from the girl about to take over as McKinley High’s brand new Rachel Berry. With that cutesy sweater and big, white-toothed grin, somebody hand this girl Rachel’s gold microphone, stat.

There’s a new cheerleader in town, and judging by that smug little smirk on her face — she just might be trouble! Kitty (Becca Tobin) will take over the role of snarky, sarcastic cheerleader now that Santana and Quinn (Dianna Agron) have graduated, and we can’t wait to see all the witty quips she’ll be doling out this season.

Plenty of class portraits to choose from, now it’s time to cast your vote. Which of this year’s photos do you like best of all?