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It’s official: Blake Jenner is the one and only winner of The Glee Project Season 2 and as such, he’s getting a guarantee of at least 7 episodes on Season 4 of Glee.

So what sort of character can we expect to see him play? Creator Ryan Murphy said in the Glee Project 2 finale that all the graduating seniors have left a very big gap in a specific type of Glee character.

Now that Finn (Cory Monteith), Puck (Mark Salling), and Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) have all  officially left McKinley High School behind, there are no football jocks left in the New Directions. Even Sam (Chord Overstreet), who was on the Titans quarterback for a while, is no longer a member of the team. Glee needs a new jock for the New Directions, and Blake couldn’t be a better fit for that part.

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

As choreographer Zach Woodley said in the finale, “He has that clumsy Finn quality, but he’s good.”

However, Ryan and the writers did express some hesitation over the fact that Blake seem to lack some of the depth and uniqueness of many Glee characters. Sure he’s the popular jock that everyone loves, but is there more? Blake’s emotional performance of Edwin McCain’s “I’ll Be” in the finale, paired with that soulful poem he wrote, showed the mentors his softer, more vulnerable side. We’re willing to bet this will be incorporated into his character somehow, as well.

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media

Ryan Murphy has revealed on Twitter that Blake's character will be named Ryder, and that he will share plenty of scenes with Finn (Cory Monteith). Ryder will be in Ohio, not New York City, and we'll first see him in Season 4, Episode 5.

Yet even before all of that, Ryan first tweeted, “Writing such a great role for the winner! And just wait until you see who they are dating...”

You heard it. Blake’s character is getting a love interest. We can’t wait to find out who the mystery girl is!

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