If you think it’s ridiculous that Glee’s Jake (Jacob Artist) would fall for someone like Kitty (Becca Tobin), considering she’s a terrible human being a bit misunderstood, you’re not alone. But we should be learning more about his interest in her soon enough.

Jacob Artist tells Yahoo! TV that he, too, was surprised that Jake would date Kitty, but that we’ll eventually find out how the two ended up dating. “Yeah, you will definitely see why they're together because it did come out of left field for me too,” Jacob acknowledges. So maybe more of us will soon be on Team Jitty? We shall see.

Jacob continues by saying, “People didn't kind of know why he was dating the head cheerleader, but you'll see what has brought them together for sure.” Sounds mysterious.

But don’t think that Kitty has necessarily won Jake over for good. Hardly. “That triangle [between Kitty-Jake-Marley (Melissa Benoist)] is only going to get more dramatic from here,” Jacob says. “Glee is notorious for having these crazy triangles all the time, so you're always thrown into new relationships.” 

And is there any artist who Jacob would really love to cover on Glee? “I would love to sing some Frank Ocean — I think his music is really incredible, he's such an original talent, so I would love to do one of his songs,” he says.

So perhaps Jake will soon be thinkin’ bout Marley? Let’s hope so.

Source: Yahoo! TV

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