Credit: Carin Baer/FOX ©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Rachel and Finn Kiss in Season 1, Episode 5: "The Rhodes Not Taken"

Relax, Gleeks. No New Directions members will be auditioning for Teen Mom any time soon. It appears that everyone has learned their lesson from Quinn (Dianna Agron)’s Season 1 baby bombshell and will be wrapping their respective goods before doing the deed, E! Online reports.

Yes, both Finchel and Klaine (although, admittedly, pregnancy is less of a concern in their particular case) will be using protection before the Great Virginity Conquer of 2011, aka Episode 5, "The First Time." Kind of hilarious that this detail is its own juicy spoiler, but, on the other hand, we're glad the issue is being attended to, because CONDOMS ARE FOR WINNERS.

Source: E! Online

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