Credit: Adam Rose/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Will and Emma Smile at Sectionals in Glee Season 3, Episode 8, “Hold On to Sixteen”

Though Season 3 has been a little light on the Schuester, E! Online has scoop from the man himself ― that’s Matthew Morrison, not his Glee-life counterpart ― that 2012 will ramp up the Wemma action, starting with their first post-holiday hiatus episode, “The Proposal" "Yes/No” (airing January 17, 2012)!

“[I]t’’s going to be a lot of Will and a lot of really great storylines,” he said, adding that the “proposal” in question is likely to be quite a hit with fans. “There’s going to be a proposal in a way you’ve never seen or could have ever imagined in your life.”

Talk about a tease!

While there are no definitive signs as to WHEN an actual wedding might take place, Morrison is hopeful that it could come together by season’s end. But there’s something else he might have in mind before that... Something that might have seemed fitting a few episodes back?

Yep! He’s ready for a leap of carnal proportions!

Emma and Will are living together and I just feel like there’s so much that could be done at home,” he told E!, cryptically, before hinting further, “She’s still a virgin, so... “

He then added, “This is like the dirtiest interview ever.” Um, yes, we’re not sure Emma would approve... but we do!

Source: E! Online