Credit: Courtesy of Wannabe Macks Photo: Cory Monteith is Afraid of Kissing in the 2007 Film “Wannabe Macks”

The gusto with which Santana (Naya Rivera) smacked the shiz out of Finn (Cory Monteith) in this week's Glee socked our shocks off. No seriously, we bruised our chins dropping our jaws. Did you guys see the wind-up she packed beforehand? Lima Heights in the house, y'all.

But even more shocking was that, in the first take, Cory didn't know Naya was going to slap him! Yes, much like in those priceless Glee Project moments where the competitors were secretly instructed to plant surprise smooches, "Mash Off"'s director Eric Stoltz pulled Naya aside and suggested that she slap Cory in the scene without telling him.

Of course, Naya had her reservations, but guess who was egging her on behind the scenes? Kevin McHale (Artie)! "Kevin is such an instigator!" she lamented. "He's sitting behind Cory in his wheelchair, and he was like 'Hit him! Hit the crap out of him!' I was like...okay..."

But, after the first slap, Cory was hooked. He actually requested Naya slap him again in every take to get the acting moment right. What a good sport.

Source: Brightcove

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