A hot British young band busy taking the U.S. by storm just nabbed what will be a very nice boost to their ever-developing profile in the States. X Factor: UK alums One Direction will have a song, “What Makes You Beautiful,” featured on an upcoming episode of Glee!

Matthew Morrison (Will) recently let the news slip, telling The Sun, “We are covering one of their songs on Glee – ‘What Makes You Beautiful.’ I need to YouTube it to practice.”

Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Matthew Morrison at the 69th Annual Golden Globes

He added, “I’ve just heard of them, they’re really taking over the States. They’ve made it now though, they’re on Glee! This will probably help their record sales too.”

Okay, Matthew. Now, we’re sure the slot on Glee will help... But when you take into account the band’s quickly-selling upcoming spring/summer tour and a little called a number one album on the Billboard 200... we’re pretty sure One Direction was well on their way to pop stardom even before that. 

UPDATE: Damian McGinty (Rory) confirmed to us that five Glee guys will be singing the One Direction song at prom. So that makes Will, Rory — who do you think the other three will be?

Credit: OneDirectionVEVO Photo: Watch! One Direction's Official Music Video for "What Makes You Beautiful"

Source: The Sun

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