If you’ve been following Glee spoilers, you already know that Quinn (Dianna Agron) does survive her horrific car accident — but with one big caveat. She ends up in a wheelchair.

We’ve already shown you one photo of wheelchair-bound Quinn and Artie (Kevin McHale) in a scene from Glee Season 3, Episode 15: “Big Brother” wearing helmets at a skate park. Now, photos on Twitter tease even more of what to expect.

On February 22, Life Rolls On — an organization that supports people with spinal cord injury by helping them participate in action sports like surfing, skating, and snowboarding — tweeted two photos from that skate park Glee scene.

Life Rolls On wrote, “Peep @LifeRollsOn's @BrianaWalker w/@GleeOnFOX's @DiannaAgron as LRO athletes shot a #skate segment yesterday!” Athletes in wheelchairs, doing tricks at a skate park? Sounds like this is going to be a pretty awesome scene to us!

The woman in the photo with Dianna above is Briana Walker, a wheelchair-bound model, athlete, and dancer who works with Life Rolls On to help show all the possibilities open to those who have endured spinal cord injury.

Credit: Life Rolls On's Twitter

Now, we still don’t know for sure whether Quinn is permanently paralyzed after her accident. She may only be wheelchair bound for a few months as she recovers from the crash.  But if that is the case, why bring in all the LRO athletes?

Artie’s injuries are lifelong, as are the injuries of Briana and the LRO kids. Is it possible, then, that Quinn has sustained permanent damage to her spinal cord... and might never be able to cheerlead again?

In that context, Artie taking her to meet a bunch of successful wheelchair athletes makes a lot more sense. So what do you think? Is Quinn in a wheelchair for good, or is the park trip only meant to serve as motivation in the face of temporary injuries … not lifetime ones?

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