Prepare yourself, because Glee is about to get scandalous. We’re talking girls gyrating around in little more than bra tops and panties. And multiple shirtless men. Abs, abs, abs galore.


The show is currently filming a sexy college dorm scene to appear in Season 4, Episode 19. Actress/model Ashley Caple posted a behind-the-scenes look on Instagram March 19, writing, “Havering [sic] a blast on Glee. College students dancing in a dorm room getting CrAzY! #glee #college #dormroom #paramount #underwear #bra #dancing #crazy #fun”


No confirmation yet as to which of our favorite characters will be taking part in the scene, but we already know of a couple of options. TV Line recently spilled that  Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Adam (Oliver Kieran-Jones) will consider joining a fraternity at NYADA.


That’s not all, though. Finn (Cory Monteith) will head off to the University of Lima in Episode 19. We already know that he’ll be performing the Harlem Shake with his new college buddies during this same episode, so it makes sense that this raucous scene could take place in Finn’s dorm room.


In that case, we hope there aren’t too many girls in bras running around. If you ask us, Finn is meant to be with Rachel (Lea Michele), and we wouldn’t want anyone getting in the way and distracting him from that!


Source: Ashley Caple on Instagram