Christmas is coming on Glee, and we’ve already heard that the show is planning to use it’s Season 4 Christmas episode as way to take “characters that you wouldn’t expect should be together, and put them together” — in a very Love, Actually sort of fashion.

Well, we think we possibly may have discovered one of those mismatched couples. On November 23, Glee creator Ryan Murphy tweeted this photo of Finn (Cory Monteith) and Marley (Melissa Benoist) hanging out together during a dark, snow-covered Ohio night. “Old school/new school,” he wrote.

So what exactly could have brought a high school sophomore and her substitute glee club teacher together on this chilly winter evening? Well, we refuse to believe that this is supposed to be some sort of a weird student-teacher hookup. Ew. Finn can pine over Rachel (Lea Michele) all he wants. But he is not allowed to cope with it by making a move on the New Rachel.

No, we’re pretty certain that whatever is happening between Finn and Marley here has got to be much more innocent. Perhaps Finn is offering Marley some brotherly advice as she wrestles with the stress and pressures of the holiday season? Maybe they’ll even sing a duet together! That would be cute.

As long as Marley does not turn out to be Finn’s mysterious new love interest, we’re good. We don’t think we would be able to handle that.

Source: Ryan Murphy on Twitter

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