Time to change into a glittery tutu and sashay around your living room (try not to faceplant), because Glee is taking a trip to the ballet! No, Ryan Murphy isn't dishing up a spooky-scary Black Swan themed episode (we wish), but our favorite New York dwelling nerds will be singing up a storm with Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker during Season 4, Episode 20: “Lights Out.” 


Sarah will be belting out A Chorus Line's "At the Ballet" with Rachel (Lea Michele), Santana (Naya Rivera), and Kurt (Chris Colfer), and it looks like the entire gang will be revisiting what made them want to become performers during the song. You know what that means time for a flashback to the gleeky days of yore!

Check out this photo that Ryan Murphy tweeted of Rachel, Santana and Kurt as baby ballerinas, all decked out in tights n' tutus (including Kurt). Clearly this episode is going to be amazing, so step into your delorean and enjoy the ride!

By the way, could the kiddos they hired to play miniature Rachel, Santana and Kurt be any more adorable? They look just like their grownup alter-egos! In fact, the resemblance is almost uncanny!

Source: Twitter